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Maxter Catheters is pursuing a process of continuous improvement in order to always be at the forefront of medical technology.

Our commitment :
To provide physicians and patients devices with comfort, efficiency and complete reliability. Therefore our products are controlled rigorously. We are looking forward to offering newer, better adapted, materials, better tolerated by the human body and with a value for money among the best on the market place. Besides, our products comply with the standards, norms and environmental measures.

The production is achieved in an ISO 8 (100000) clean room with the highest available technology. Maxter Catheters deals with the comprehensive process : from compound  pellets to the sterile end product : injection of components, extrusion of tubes, shaping and assembling, packing, sterilisation …

Maxter Catheters is audited regularly by the notified body G Med LNE and has received various quality certifications in matters of design, production and distribution of :
  • Tubes, administration sets and accessories for enteral feeding

  • Administration sets and packs for ophtalmological surgery

  • Administration sets for specific medical applications

  • Sterilisation of medical devices with ethylene oxide

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